Urgent Care Center Database

We have developed the largest and most accurate databases of urgent care centers and walk-in clinic. Solv uses this data to simplify healthcare and empower patients to make better healthcare decisions. If you have a research, development, marketing or venture that aligns with this vision, then please fill out the form to the right so we can start a conversation.

Database of More Than 11,000 Clinics

The urgent care market is rapidly evolving, expanding and contracting each week with new opens, closures, acquisitions and more. Since 2012, we have been developing and curating a list of now more than 11,000 walk-in clinics and urgent care centers, verifying and validating details constantly. What started as a project to organize a highly fragmented market for consumers to easily access them, has become a highly coveted business tool for operators, investors and researchers to utilize for their own internal purposes.

Most Accurate Database of Urgent Care

We ensure the continual accuracy of our urgent care database. With more than 800,000 people searching our combined website properties each month, we have developed a massive community of people validating and refining our database through their actual experiences. This community sourced data combined with our direct relationships with the largest urgent care operators in the country gives us access to highly accurate location and clinical data.

About Solv

Trying to see a doctor today when you unexpectedly get sick is frustrating, inconvenient and potentially incredibly costly. You might wait days for an appointment with a primary care physician, waste hundreds of dollars at an emergency room, or need to juggle your life to fit a doctor's visit into your schedule. And once you finally get there, it's likely you'll still watch the minutes tick by in a waiting room.

At Solv, we believe getting access to high quality, last-minute care should be simple, fast and effortless. You should be able to know where you can go, when you’ll be seen and how much it will cost. We're shifting the power in healthcare to patients, where it belongs.

Through UrgentCareLocations.com, we serve hundreds of thousands of healthcare consumers each month, who trust us for accurate to access non-emergent healthcare across the country. Focusing on the rapidly growing convenient care industry allows Solv to help the largest urgent care brands and operators ensure their location information is accurate and reach more patients online.

* Solv does not guarantee the complete accuracy of any individual listing within our database.