Urgent Care Center Database License and List Rental

Database of More Than 10,500 Urgent Care and Walk-in Clinics

Do you need an urgent care database to market to or support your research and development planning? You’ve come to the right place! The urgent care market is rapidly evolving, expanding and contracting each week with new opens, closures, acquisitions and more. Non-specialized list providers couldn’t possibly keep up with the change in this marketplace and the lists you purchase from them reflect that.

Since 2012, we have been developing and curating a list of now more than 10,500 walk-in clinics, verifying and validating details constantly. What started as a project to organize a highly fragmented market for consumers to easily access them, has become a highly coveted business tool for urgent care operators, financial partners and investors, marketers, researchers and technology providers to utilize for their own research, analysis and market development purposes.

Largest, Most Accurate Database of Urgent Care Centers

We are uniquely positioned to ensure the continual accuracy of our urgent care database. With more than 600,000 people searching our website each month for walk-in clinics near them, we have developed a massive community of people validating and refining our database through their actual experiences. Combine that with our direct relationships with the largest urgent care and walk-in clinic operators in the country and you have a recipe for success that no other list source could compare to.

Urgent Care and Walk-in Clinic Database Fields

The annual database license includes the available fields listed below.*

Used by Industry Leaders a Variety of Projects

  • Ucl 1
  • Ucl 2
  • Ucl 3
  • Ucl 4
  • Ucl 5
  • Ucl 6
  • Ucl 7
  • Ucl 8
  • Ucl 9
  • Ucl 10
  • Ucl 11
  • Ucl 12
  • Ucl 13
  • Ucl 14
  • Ucl 15

About Urgent Care Locations

Urgent Care Locations (www.urgentcarelocations.com) is the largest directory of urgent care, walk-in and occupational medicine clinics in the United States. Through our consumer-centered website, we serve hundreds of thousands of prospective patients each month, who trust us for accurate, timely access to non-emergent healthcare in their respective markets nationwide. Focusing exclusively on this rapidly growing and evolving industry segment has allowed us the ability to hone our not only keep a pulse of the industry, but to partner with the largest brands and operators in the space to ensure their location information is accurate.

* Urgent care Locations cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of any individual listing within our database.
** Not all data fields are available for each location.