How Much Does Urgent Care Cost?

How Much Does Urgent Care Cost?

In today's market many consumers are more aware of their spending. For that reason, some people have started questioning necessary expenses, such as medical care. Here is a look at how much urgent care visits will cost for average consumers.

Urgent Care For Uninsured Patients

Urgent care centers vary by location. This means that one urgent care clinic might charge you $75 while another one a mile away could charge $150. However, in general the cost of an urgent care visit without insurance ranges from $71-125. This is the base price of a visit before additional services. Here are a few additional urgent care services that could make your visit more costly.

Medications & Injections

Uninsured patients will be charged for medications, injections, and IVs. If they inform the medical staff that they do not have insurance, the doctor and nurses might find generic substitutes for expensive name-brand medicines. If the patient wants an immunization, the office fee might be waived as this does not require a doctor, but the cost of the shot will still apply.

Tests & X-rays

Tests and x-rays cost an additional amount over the base price of urgent care service. Depending upon the test this could be quite costly. However, tests and x-rays completed at urgent care centers are significantly cheaper than those done in emergency rooms.

Casting Broken Bones

If a patient has a broken bone or a sprain, the cost of casting or bracing the bone will be extra. Bracing is more expensive than casting, because the patient gets to keep an expensive brace, whereas casting uses gauze.

Urgent Care For Insured Patients

Insured patients will be expected to pay their outlined urgent care co-payment immediately. It is the patient's responsibility to know their co-pay amount, and to have an insurance card. In fact, urgent care copay amounts are typically written on the insurance card and range between $35-100 per visit. Occasionally there might an insurance provider that is not accepted at an urgent care location, however, in most cases all major insurances are accepted.

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