Do I Need an Appointment for an Urgent Care?

Do I Need an Appointment for an Urgent Care?

Patients in need of medical care have many choices. Urgent care centers are a great choice for most people, because they offer extended hours, a wide range of services and accept nearly all of their patients as walk-ins. Here is some helpful information about urgent care visits.

Urgent Care Appointments

While you do not need an appointment for urgent care treatment, you can make one. Many locations now offer online check-in, which allows a patient to fill out medical history forms at home while they wait for their appointment. For example, if you check-in online and your wait time is 45 minutes, then you could fill out the form and drive to the center just in time for your time slot. That would mean less time in a waiting room and more time in the comfort of your own home.

Patients who choose to walk-in might have to wait a little longer, as others will have checked-in online beforehand. However, the average wait time for an urgent care walk-in patient is just 15-45 minutes.

How to Find an Urgent Care Center

There are many urgent care centers to choose from. A patient has many things to consider when choosing a location, too. Here are the basic questions patients should ask themselves:

  • Is it close to home?
  • Is the urgent care center certified?
  • Are they open? What are their hours?
  • Does the center have doctors, PAs, or NPs?

When you find a center that is close to home and fits your needs, you can fill out a medical history form and have it waiting for your next urgent medical condition.

Urgent care is not for everyone. If you have a chronic condition, it is best to seek a medical professional who will be able to treat you consistently. Also, if you have a major trauma you should go directly to an emergency room. Urgent care centers do not treat loss of consciousness, major accidents, uncontrollable bleeding, or labor.