Tummy Problems? 4 Natural Ways to Treat Stomach Aches

May 14, 2014
by Michael Barber
Tummy Problems? 4 Natural Ways to Treat Stomach Aches

Dealing with a stomachache is never a fun prospect. Luckily, there are many great ways to get rid of an upset stomach. There are even many natural remedies that allow you to feel better and not have to deal with getting prescription or heading to the pharmacy. Consider the following great natural remedies for stomach problems.

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1. Ginger

If you're nauseated, consider chewing on something with ginger. You may remember when you were a child and you felt sick. Your parents gave you ginger ale to sip because of the medicinal properties of ginger as it soothes the stomach. Ginger can be consumed in many ways, from ginger root to ginger tea, or even ginger candies. However, if you decide to suck on a ginger candy, you need to make sure it has real ginger, and not just ginger flavoring.

2. Baking Soda

Are you dealing with indigestion or heartburn? Instead of taking an over the counter antacid, use some baking soda, which you probably already have in your kitchen. Most antacids today are made with sodium bicarbonate, which is baking soda. So, simply mix some baking soda – usually one to two teaspoons – into a cup of warm water and drink it down. You'll feel your stomach settling quickly and effectively. In fact, it works so well for some that they don't have to ever buy antacids again. Instead, they simply mix up some baking soda and water every time heartburn rears its head.

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3. Peppermint

Another option if you're dealing with a stomach that won't settle down is peppermint. Peppermint helps settle the stomach, and is good for dealing with nausea. You can prepare peppermint in several ways. The most common ideas are candy mints or gum. The problem with these is that the added sugar can make your stomach feel worse. Instead, you can chew on peppermint leaves, or use them to make a tea. Warm peppermint tea is a great option for anyone dealing with nausea, and it helps with other problems, such as menstrual pain.

4. Chamomile

Most people know that chamomile tea helps calm nerves and helps you relax. However, if you're dealing with a stomach ache as well as anxiety, make some chamomile tea. This will sooth your nerves as well as your tummy. You can usually find chamomile flowers at health food stores, or if you're limited on your shopping options, check out some prepackaged chamomile tea from the grocery store. Adding a little bit of lemon to the mixture will help your stomach even more. Another great additive to the chamomile tea is honey to sweeten it, while still staying natural.

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No matter what is causing your stomach ache, there are many ways to help your stomach feel better. These natural remedies are great for children or adults, and pregnant women can even use many of them. However, if you are pregnant make sure you talk with your doctor before taking any herbal remedies. Always be prepared for any stomach issues with these natural remedies.