Best on the Web: Top 5 Allergy Articles

July 18, 2013
by Michael Barber
Best on the Web: Top 5 Allergy Articles

As the summer months continue and our record-setting allergy season causes many of us to wheeze and sniffle, we've rounded up a few of our favorite articles this week discussing allergies and their effects. While most are focused on summertime allergies, pollen and congestion, we've added a few food allergy articles - one sweeter than the other - to perhaps make you seasonal sufferers feel better through empathy.

Finding the Cause of Summer Congestion Will Determine Best Course of Action

Not all allergies are caused by the same allergen. Medical doctors discuss the different types of summertime allergens that people commonly suffer from during the summer months and how to treat – and proactively prevent – the symptoms you experience.
Reading Eagle - July 14, 2013 by Sue Wilson

U.K. Woman with Severe Sun Allergy Must Wear a Floor-Length Dress and a HIJAB Every Time She Goes Outside

It is not uncommon for people to be allergic to the suns rays, but most of those allergies and reactions are mild allowing prescription medications to allow for a normal, active life. This woman isn’t so fortunate.
Mail Online - July 16, 2013 by Emma Innes

How to Manage Your Allergies During the Summer Months

We routinely provide our own tips and tricks for managing allergies on Facebook, but a few more from other sources never hurt. This list offers a few creative techniques involving petroleum jelly and honey, too.
Burton Mail - July 15, 2013 by Summer Fun

Girl with Serious Allergy Needs 'Angel'

A heartwarming video of a sweet young girl, a very deadly food allergy and he quest for a service dog that will help improve her quality of life.
YouTube - July 17, 2013 by ABC Action News

75+ Allergy Friendly Dessert Recipes

Thought we would end of a sweet note, particularly for all you foo allergy sufferers - lots of tasty treats made just for you! Our favorite looks to be the dairy-free cinnamon rolls.
Something Swanky - July 12, 2013 by Megan Lavin