6 Dangers of Halloween That Should Really Scare You

October 15, 2013
by Michael Barber
6 Dangers of Halloween That Should Really Scare You

Even if you make sure your children have safe and trip-free costumes, give them a flashlight to lead the way and inspect all of their candy, there are still some Halloween dangers to consider. Here are six of them you need to watch out for.

#1 Candy and Allergic Reactions

Some children become ill when they eat candy containing an ingredient they are allergic to. For some children, even the parents may be unaware of the allergy—especially if they are consuming the ingredient for the first time.

Some allergens are peanuts, other nuts, aspartame, caffeine and chocolate. If your child experiences any reaction such as a rash or trouble breathing, head to a pediatric urgent care center to get immediate medical treatment.

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#2 Auto Accidents

This is perhaps the most common scare of Halloween night, and for good reasons. Children dart across the street and parents should take time to supervise and talk to them about street-crossing safety. Another tip is to use reflective tape on shoes, costumes, and trick or treat bags so drivers can see your child.

Enlist the help of neighbors and ask them to remind all to drive slowly and watch for children on Halloween night. If your child is injured by a vehicle, they may need treatment by a family care physician.

#3 Bad Bellyaches

Some children do ingest too much candy on Halloween night once they're home. This can be the cause of some severe bellyaches, diarrhea, and even vomiting. Over the counter medications can be used to stop diarrhea but if your child can't stop vomiting or the bellyache worsens, it is always best to find an urgent care center to examine and treat your child.

#4 Choking Hazards

Parents love to show off their children and often first-time trick-or-treaters are only toddlers or infants. If you're a parent, you know how kids are quick to put things into their mouths. Some items they receive on Halloween can cause choking.

Candy in a plastic container or candy that is very chewy like caramel or taffy, are just two ways a toddler can be affected. Smaller candies by the handful can also cause your child to choke. Make sure you supervise your child when eating candy at all times, especially the toddlers.

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#5 Faulty Halloween Decorations

As parents, we all want to decorate our house with Halloween lights and lawn decorations. If you decorate this year, make sure lawn decorations are secured to the ground to prevent toppling. Check all of your lights to make sure wires are intact and safe.

It's also essential to supervise your Halloween display. If decorations have small parts, toddlers may pull them off and attempt to eat them. Smoke machines and electrical lighting may malfunction causing a fire. Above all, never leave your Halloween lights on when you're away from home.

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#6 Unsafe Costumes and Accessories

We all want our children to be happy with their Halloween costumes but we also need to be smart. Make sure children can see through masks. Hem longer costumes so your child won't trip or fall. Don't allow them to carry sharp accessories like a real knife or sword—these should be rubber or soft plastic.

Be careful when using face paints as some kids may develop an allergic reaction. Test the paint on a tiny portion of their finger before applying. Avoid long scarves that can get caught on tree branches or bushes. Don't allow them to wear shoes that are too big for them such as adult shoes.

The best way to avoid these six dangers of Halloween is supervision. Know where the urgent care locations are near you in case any accidents do occur.