5 Ways to Beat the Back-to-School Blues

September 10, 2013
by Michael Barber
5 Ways to Beat the Back-to-School Blues

Whether your kids are in elementary or high school, you will most likely have to deal with the "back-to-school blues." As parents, you can implement some tactics to help make the beginning of the school year easier—here a six guaranteed-to-work methods to get kids excited.

#1 Start a Sleep Routine

Doctors recommend starting a sleep routine a week before your child begins the school year. Even thought school has started for everyone by now, it really isn't too late to start. Even if you develop a sleep routine for a few days, it aids in helping your children get enough sleep, especially because summer sleep habits often include sleeping in.

A trick to setting up a routine is not to make your child feel they have to go to sleep, but that they need sleep. In addition, during the new sleeping schedule, make it easier for your kids by avoiding any activities during the evening children want to do. For example, don't start a marathon Monopoly game with your spouse and tell the kids to go to bed.

#2 Give Them the Workspace They Want

Today.com offers that an enticing workspace will engage your children, helping them ease into the school year quickly.

For high school kids, offer to paint or refinish their desk from last year and add some accents, such as a new study lamp or desk organizers. If you can afford to do so, buy them a gadget that will aid in their school efforts such as a laptop, PC, or printer.

For those in elementary school, let them help you build the ideal dream workspace. Be sure to avoid sharp scissors or other sharp objects that may injure your child. However, accidents do happen, so be sure to get them care from a retail clinic. Helping design the workspace makes children look forward to the school year.

#3 Have Meaningful Conversations

Children that will be attending a new school or transitioning from elementary school to middle school are nervous. The American Psychological Association says talking with your kids is the best bet to relieve pre-school stressors.

Let them tell you about their fears. No matter what they are, calmly teach them what to do in the scenarios they fear most. Make sure the conversation exchange goes both ways—you want to help your children, not just instruct them.

#4 School Routine Run-Through

Another way to beat the back-to-school blues is to reassure children by running through a "routine" school day. Start with the morning, waking up and getting ready for school as well as eating breakfast. Talk about the amount of time they'll have each morning before heading off to the school bus.

This simulation exercise shows children how you care now that school is beginning. They'll gain time management skills and get familiar with how to tackle each new school day.

#5 Meet the Teacher

Teachers can be found within schools prior to the start of the school year. This is a good time, especially for elementary school children, to stop by and meet their new teacher and see where they'll be learning each day.

Beat the back-to-school blues with these five tips, and going back to school this year will run smoothly.