4 New Year's Resolutions We All Break by March

March 19, 2014
by Michael Barber
4 New Year's Resolutions We All Break by March

Roughly half of all Americans start a new year with the best of intentions to improve themselves, but it doesn’t take long for resolve to weaken. By March, at least 64 percent have broken their resolutions. Read on to discover the goals most Americans struggle to stick to, and how to get back on the right path.

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1. Shed Excess Pounds

The decision to drop weight was the most common resolution made in 2014, so perhaps it’s not surprising to learn that, according to Tesco Living, it’s also the resolution most commonly broken. Many of us feel guilty after festive season binging, but once March hits, that powerful motivator fades.

Remember though, no matter what time of year, carrying extra weight is detrimental to your health. Each extra pound puts three pounds of extra pressure on your knees. If you’re just 10 pounds overweight, you probably have higher cholesterol and a greater risk of heart disease than someone in a healthy weight range.

Eating more nutritious foods and exercising regularly is the best way to start shedding weight.

2. Stop Smoking Cigarettes

Thirty-four percent of American smokers resolved to quit last year, but the average quitter started smoking around a month later. Keep in mind, most reformed smokers quit seven times before finally kicking the habit, so it’s important to try again.

Smokers who use anti-smoking medication, such as Zyban and Chantix, and have support from health professionals are four times more likely to give up cigarettes, so take these measures to increase your chances.

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3. Exercise More Regularly and Get Fit

Whether they’re attempting to lose some weight, gain killer abs, or stop feeling so out of breath, many Americans plan to exercise more regularly in 2014. More than 12 percent of gym members sign on the dotted line in January, yet four out of five of those memberships go unused for most of the year.

Gyms aren’t for everyone. If you have to drag yourself to go, your resolution will never stick. Instead, try incorporating exercise into your daily life. You might like to cycle to work, or walk around the streets during your lunch break. Exercise should also be fun, so make sure you find a workout that you enjoy. Consider joining a sporting team, rollerblading with a friend, or learning to surf to get your fitness goals back on track. 

4. Diet or Eat Healthier

Eating better is another common resolution that’s often broken. Fast food is cheap and convenient, and unfortunately, those fatty sugary snacks taste so good. But there are many simple ways to start eating better in 2014.

You’ll find it easier to stick to your resolution if you can stave off the cravings. One of the best ways to do this is to make smart food swaps. Snack on fruit to satisfy your sweet tooth, or blend frozen fruit with greek yogurt for a low-cal alternative to ice cream.

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It’s easy to feel defeated and insist that you’ll try to do better next year, but it’s never too late to get back on the right track and make 2014 the year your resolutions stick.