3 Ways to Stop a Migraine Right When it Starts

May 23, 2014
by Michael Barber
3 Ways to Stop a Migraine Right When it Starts

If you've ever experienced a migraine before, you know why people are so anxious to stop the pain before it even starts. Fortunately, due to all the time and effort that have gone into dealing with migraines, some excellent ideas have emerged about how to stop them before they ruin your day.


1. Steps to Prevent Migraines 

For the best way to stop a migraine before it can take hold, take steps to prevent the migraine. Now, there may not be a sure-fire way to completely prevent migraines, but there are healthy habits you can develop to greatly reduce the conditions that often lead to migraines.

  1. Establish a regular pattern of sleep that also allows you to get enough sleep. At the end of each day, set a time to start winding down. If you have trouble falling asleep, engage in some quiet activity that will help make you drowsy.
  2. Schedule regular meal times. Consistency is the key with eating. Don't skip meals, and stay clear of foods you've already identified as triggers for migraines.
  3. Schedule a time each day for exercise.
  4. Keep stress at a minimum. Develop a plan to deal with stress, including actions that will bring you back to a calm state when you feel agitated. Try to implement a daily routine of meditation and relaxation techniques to use when you start feeling stressed.

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    2. Take Preventative Medications Regularly

    Up to 38 percent of those who have migraines could avoid them by taking preventative medications, but less than a third actually take advantage of these treatments. It's generally accepted that this happens because the drugs must be taken daily to be effective, but most people only experience a migraine intermittently.

    Current evidence suggests the more often a person is required to take a medication, the less likely they are to take it consistently. The more they skip a dose because they don't experience any symptoms, the more likely they will continue to skip doses. Also, the cost of medication may cause a person to drop out of compliance. The key, of course, is to take medication consistently if you want to experience the benefits.

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    3. Know and Understand Drugs that can Prevent Migraines

    These drugs are effective for preventing migraines:

    Antiepileptics: Depacon, Depakot, and Topiragen are all antiepileptic drugs. Anti-seizure medication calms the neurons in the brain, preventing migraine episodes.

    Beta-Blockers: Used to treat high blood pressure and heart disease, drugs like Blocadren, Lopressor, Toprol XL, and Inderal have proven effective in preventing migraines

    Antidepressants: Drugs used to treat depression, like Elavil and Effexor, are shown as effective migraine blockers.

    Botox: Botox is a toxin that paralyzes muscles. Though frequently used to treat wrinkles, it has proven very effective for some people in treating chronic migraines. It inhibits the release of chemicals that help transmit pain signals.

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    Whatever treatment you undertake, be sure and discuss it with your doctor. He may very well have other excellent suggestions to help you stop a migraine right as it starts.