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Western New York Immediate Care, with five free-standing centers in Buffalo and three in Rochester, is the urgent care market leader in Western New York caring for more than 125,000 patients each year.

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  • 3050 Orchard Park Road, Orchard Park, NY, 14224

    Western New York Immediate Care - Orchard Park | Urgent Care
    Sandra Z. Posted on August 13, 2016 | Visited this location August 13, 2016
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    Went in for ear pain, have been there several times in the past but today was ridiculous. No one was there except me, the nurse came in and took my vitals and the doctor came in half hour later, examined me, told she would be right back to treat me, came back half hour later, then said ok I'll be back with your paper work, half hour went by, my blood was boiling, I went out to the front desk and the doctor was just sitting at her computer, not facing me, one of the girls said to her, do you have paper work and she just pointed yest it is over there. The nurse said there isn't anything over there, and she said print it again then. I was fuming. The doctor would have made me wait in that room for who knows how long why? Maybe in a bad mood, she had treated me before too many times. She was very rude. I came home upset. I was not treated fairly.