CVS MinuteClinic

CVS MinuteClinic

About CVS MinuteClinic

CVS MinuteClinic is a division of CVS, one of the largest pharmacy companies in the United States. Originally, it was started as QuickMedx, and founded in Minneapolis, MN. It was the first-ever “retail clinic” in the United States. Today, MinuteClinic is the largest retail walk-in clinic in the country, with more than 1,100 locations in 33 states, as well as the District of Columbia. It has received three consecutive accreditations from The Joint Commission, in 2006, 2009, and 2012, for quality of service.

MinuteClinic Locations & Hours

CVS MinuteClinic operates in a total of 33 states. Exceptions include some states in the Pacific Northwest, like Oregon and Washington, as well as some northern states like Wisconsin, Maine, and Minnesota.

While most CVS MinuteClinic stores are located in CVS pharmacies, some are also located in Target stores, due to a partnership between the companies. They are open seven days a week, including evenings and weekends, even when the main stores are closed. No appointments are needed.

CVS MinuteClinic is partnered with dozens of hospitals and general practitioners. A full list can be seen here.

CVS MinuteClinic Services

CVS MinuteClinic offers more than 125 different services, according to their website. Urgent care services focus on minor injuries such as strains, sprains, and breaks, as well as treatment for illnesses like the flu.

Other services include treatment for chronic skin conditions, screening and monitoring services – such as diabetes screenings and blood pressure tests – physicals, vaccinations and injections, and women’s services. CVS MinuteClinics do not offer advanced screening services such as blood tests or x-rays.

MinuteClinic Insurance & Payment Info

CVS MinuteClinic serves patients with most major health care plans. It is recommended that patients check with their insurance provider before scheduling an appointment to ensure that they are covered in their area. The company also offers an online insurance checker, which can verify insurance coverage at a particular MinuteClinic location.

Bills and copays can be paid with cash, credit or debit cards, or checks (except in Target locations). Online bill payment is also offered by CVS MinuteClinic.

MinuteClinic Mission & Values

CVS and the CVS MinuteClinic are dedicated to supporting each person’s health experience, and helping them get the advice and the resources that they need – to address chronic, acute, and specialty conditions.

Their mission and purpose is to help people get on a path to better health. The corporate values of the company are Innovation, Collaboration, Caring, Integrity, and Accountability.

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