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About Midwest Express Clinic

Midwest Express Clinic is an urgent care operated in NW Indiana and NE Illinois with 3 clinics, each open 7 days a week from 9am to 9pm. Patients experiencing most injuries and illnesses that require urgent attention can be seen quickly and conveniently at one of the Midwest Express Clinic urgent care locations.

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  • 8135 S. Calumet Ave., Munster, IN, 46321

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    veronica m. Posted on February 08, 2014 | Visited this location January 16, 2014
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    How can a medical facility have such bad review that their own medical assist(see nurse amanda below raving abt how great this place is) writing good reviews. I live in hammond so I thought I would take my child here after being sick a few days. Horrible idea. Doctor told me my 3 month was jusy colicy due gas. a few days later I had her at the er bc she stopped eating were she treated for thrush. But what more can expect from a place I personally know hires cocain addicts. I would rather eat the er bill then recommand this place.