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Med First is a regional network of urgent care, immediate care and primary care clinics in Jacksonville, Southport, Emerald Isle and other areas of North Carolina.

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  • 1328 N. Lake Park Blvd., Carolina Beach, NC, 28428

    Med First Urgent Care & Family Practice of Carolina Beach | Urgent Care
    sok c. Posted on April 29, 2016 | Visited this location April 28, 2016
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    The receptionist and nurse were friendly and very understanding about my situation. However when the doctor came to speak with me she judged me just by looks. I truly needed her help. She was rude and did not care about my health issue. I would never recommend this clinic to a friend OR an enemy. Maybe the doctor should try and walk around in some one else's shoe whose is less fortunate. Them she might actually have sympathy for others.