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Kettering Health Network operates four urgent care centers in Ohio in the Dayton area suburbs of Beavercreek, Hamilton, Huber Heights, and Xenia

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  • 50 N Progress Dr., Xenia, OH, 45385-2666

    Kettering Xenia Urgent Care | Urgent Care
    Heather A. Posted on April 25, 2017 | Visited this location April 25, 2017
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    Small rose thorn in foot

    I noticed that I had a small thorn festering in my foot. Can't get into the doctor so is the next logical thing and went to urgent care.
    But no, the doctor there was too afraid to do anything, not even look at it. They told me to go to Beavercreek. Called and they wouldn't look at it either.
    I was told to go the ER.
    So nownim going to be paying probably thousands in copay instead of 50$ because a LICENSED TRAINED MEDICAL DOCTOR IS AFRAID TO REMOVE A 2 TO 3 MILLIMETER ROSE THORN!!!!!!
    I couldnunderatandnif I had a huge infection already but it's not that bad. A small pus blister is around it but that's all.
    If I had a scalpel and something for disinfectant I would So not myself, but I don't so I'm stuck waiting in an ER for God knows how long since almost all of our local hospitals are also run by the same idiots that run the urgent cares.
    Our medical care system has gone to he'll and they don't care as long as they make $.

  • 3371 Kemp Rd., Beavercreek, OH, 45431-2514

    Kettering Urgent Care Beavercreek | Urgent Care
    Jesse G. Posted on November 09, 2014 | Visited this location November 09, 2014
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    Jesse Gaw

    I went up there from help from my migraine and really bad headaches and the bitch doctor said here are some antibiotics that cost around 100 dollars to fill and then she said to take Tylenol ...... .. ummmm stupid bitch iv been taking every over the counter pain relievers and they don't work ..... I just wanna say thank you you Fucks for not helping me and Imy sitting here with a bad tooth ache and and very bad migraine ...... thanks for nothing ..... don't go here they don't care about making you feel better there just interested in you money. .... even the lady behind the counter told me that