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About Holzer Health System

Holzer Health System is a regional healthcare provider operating four urgent care centers in Ohio.

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  • 2131 E State Street, Athens, OH, 45701

    Urgent Care Center at Holzer | Urgent Care
    Marcy O. Posted on March 22, 2016 | Visited this location March 22, 2016
    Wait Time


    While at urgent care at 9 am 2 others were ahead of us. 9 ppl called back before us. Nasal swab was susposed to be another 20 mins to be recalled back here it is another 50 mins with 3 others called back on top of what had been already. Called the manager sorry their was a mix up at registration. Ok well not acceptable !!! Ppl have to work also and get to their jobs on time, can't do that with the way the facility is runed. No excuses what so ever. Maybe friendly employees who stand and talk should know how to do their damn job or should not be their working!!!!! You're playing with people's jobs and health by not doing you're simple jobs their. One of the most disrespectfull urgent care center around will not be coming back.