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First Med Urgent Care is a group of urgent care centers in the Oklahoma City area operating a half dozen walk-in clinics.

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  • 4510 NW 39th St., Oklahoma City, OK, 73122-2503

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    Cathy S. Posted on February 08, 2014 | Visited this location February 08, 2014
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    Superior Care

    I am in town for a weekend conference & woke up with a horrible cough & a sinus infection. I googled urgent care facilities & chose this one because they are open on Saturdays. I'm very pleased that this is the clinic I chose. The sweet receptionist greeted everyone who walked in the door with a smile. My wait time was long simply because there were a lot of patients. So, I had the opportunity to see the way she handled different situations. She was very professional, extremely knowledgable but also very helpful & caring! Then, the nurse who took me back was just as awesome. And, when I met the physician on staff, I was equally impressed. She treated me, apologized for my wait, and got me on my way.
    It's typical for staff to often become callous and desensitized to other's needs in these type of facilities. First Med shatters that stereotype & is a great example of what all healthcare facilities should be.
    I am not a person who ever writes reviews so I sure hopes this helps others when looking for an urgent care facility!