FastMed Urgent Care

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FastMed Urgent Care

About FastMed Urgent Care

FastMed Urgent Care is a walk-in urgent care operator, founded in Clayton, North Carolina, in 2001. The company was originally known as “Urgent Cares of America, Inc.” The name of the company was changed in a rebranding effort in May 2011, to FastMed Urgent Care. As of 2018, the company serves more 3 states in 2 countries with walk-in medical services, with more than 100 clinics in operation today. The company was recently acquired by ABRY partners in 2015, when majority owner Comvest Partners sold their shares.

The company has received the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval for Accreditation in Ambulatory Care, the highest honor for an urgent care clinic.

FastMed Locations & Hours

FastMed Urgent Care is rapidly expanding, primarily by purchasing independent urgent care practices. Since 2010, the company acquired or opened more than 78 additional clinics, primarily in Texas, Arizona, and North Carolina.

The company also operates a clinic in Shanghai, China, and hopes to continue expanding into this market.All FastMed Urgent Care locations offer 24/7 walk-in service to patients.

FastMed Urgent Care Services

The primary services of FastMed Urgent Care include the treatment of basic wounds and broken bones, and other urgent care services. Lab testing and x-rays are available, as are services such as flu shots, immunizations and vaccines, and physicals. FastMed Urgent Care centers also specialize in family medicine and sports medicine, as well as occupational treatment for workers and employers.

FastMed Urgent Care Insurance & Payment Info

The company offers online check-in and bill payments. Payment can be rendered by check, cash, credit or debit card.

Patients can check their insurance status in their state using the FastMed website, which lists accepted plans by state. Most private insurance plans are accepted, as are Medicare and Medicaid.

FastMed also offers a free pharmacy discount card to patients, and has an available Fastmed Savings Plan. The Plan costs $35/year, and gives patients a flat $35 discount for most services provided by the clinic, such as sutures and stitches, broken bone treatments, x-rays and more.

Fastmed Mission & Values

The mission of FastMed, according to their website, is to provide the very best end-to-end healthcare experience to patients – with a focus on compassion, affordability, and accessibility.

The corporate values of FastMed are:

  • Service
  • Teamwork
  • Accountability
  • Transparency

By providing excellent service as a team, and giving patients all of the information they need to maintain control of their own health, FastMed hopes to improve the quality of urgent care across the U.S.

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