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Banner Urgent Care, who acquired Urgent Care Extra in 2016, is owned by Banner Health and operates a network of urgent care centers across Arizona and Nevada with close to three dozen clinics and more opening each year, primarily in the Phoenix, Tucson and Las Vegas areas. 

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    joshua h. Posted on July 26, 2014 | Visited this location July 26, 2014
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    Turned Away at Check-In Counter

    I brought my wife to this location so that she could speak with a M.D. or P.A. regarding a few symptoms she was having. When we arrived we went to check her in and the lady behind the counter asked her what was wrong. My wife explained what she was feeling. The lady immediately told us that we needed to go to the emergency room for a CT Scan. I was taken back by this because I thought she was CNA (due to the scrubs she was wearing I assumed she was not a clerk). I was not aware that CNA's were able to replace a doctor or physicians assistant regarding prioritizing a patients needs when the stated symptoms did not indicate a priority to save life, limb or eye sight.

    Now it is important to note that we arrived 5 minutes before closing. We arrived in time to be seen, or so I thought. But I digress.

    Considering we are not wealthy people and the out of pocket cost of the CT Scan would be $1,000-$2,000 before insurance kicked in (thank you ACA) we elected to go to the Fort Collins urgent care for a 2nd opinion. Here is where the story gets interesting. It would appear the original diagnosis was a tad incorrect. Fortunately, we went to another location because we learned my wife is having a migraine with an Aura. Talk about saving a few thousand dollars!

    Here is my point: I understand that employees want to get off on time (at least that is what appeared to be the motivating reason to not check us in and see the PA or MD), but to tell us to go to the ER to have a very expensive test run to find out that she is having a really bad head ache is unacceptable. I hope that the service we received is not indicative of the treatment typical of this Banner location. What I do know is the service on this day was such to warrant this review.