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Alexian Brothers Health System operates more than a half dozen urgent care centers in the greater Chicago area, each under the name Alexian Brothers Medical Group (AGMB) Immediate Care.

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  • 50 South Northwest Highway, Palatine, IL, 60067

    ABMG Immediate Care, Palatine | Urgent Care
    Codi B. Posted on May 10, 2016 | Visited this location May 09, 2016
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    Worst exp ever !!!!

    This was by far the worst experience I've ever had going to DR. Ishvari Panarker recently just moved to Illinois and had to get to a Doctor ASAP so I searched for an immediate care and came across Family medicine and immediate care at 50 S. Northwest Hwy in Palntine Upon arriving and filling out all the paper work the receptionist tells me they have a family medicine side as well as an immediate care side and since I don't have a primary Doctor I should go to The family medicine side and see DR. Ishvari Panarker well thought that sounded great I do need a primary Doctor so why not 45 mins went by and finally was called back by the medical assistant she seemed ok not to friendly . The place was pretty run down she asked me my symptoms which was everything similar to strep throat i know because I've had it several times I was miserable my glands and tonsils were so swollen I could barely swallow body aches and so on . She tested be for strep throat about 20 mins later that's when DR. Ishvari Panarker comes in says the test was negative for strep tells me that I have a cold and sends me away costing $222 what crap ! By this time I'm over it and want to get out of there so I pay go to the car and I can see white spots all over my tonsils to make things short I went to another immediate care right after they said I have tonsillitis gave me antibiotics steroids and pain reliever . Never go to Dr. Panarker she us very uneducated .