Alliance Urgent Care

in Queen Creek, AZ

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21582 S Ellsworth Loop Rd.
Suite 100

Queen Creek, AZ 85142-7882

Hours of operation

  • Monday 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday 8:00 am - 6:00 pm

About Alliance Urgent Care

Alliance Urgent Care, formally referred to as OneHealth Urgent Care, is an urgent care center in Queen Creek, AZ located at 21582 S Ellsworth Loop Rd.. They are open 7 days a week seeing walk-in patients in Queen Creek. Alliance Urgent Care appears to be individually owned and operated and not part of a larger network of urgent care clinics. There are, however, 2 walk-in clinics within 20 miles of Queen Creek in cities including San Tan and San Tan Valley.

As an urgent care center, Alliance Urgent Care provides non-emergent medical care most typically referred to as urgent care services. This category of medicine includes the treatment of allergies, asthma, broken bones and sprains, burns, cold and flu symptoms, ear, sinus and respiratory infections, insect and animal bites, stomach viruses, skin rashes and most other non-life threatening injuries, illnesses and conditions. Additionally common health assessments are typical service offerings including annual and school physicals and Queen Creek. While this urgent care does offer assistance with immediate health care needs, if you are suffering from a true medical emergency, go to the emergency room in Queen Creek, AZ or call 911 immediately.

Formerly Known As

OneHealth Urgent Care

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  • Posted on March 17, 2014 | Visited this location March 17, 2014
    Wait Time

    avoid the queen creek branch

    Complete waste of time and money. They ask you why your there. You tell them. They take all your info and your co pay. Then when the Dr sees you, he advises they don't do that type of Xray so you have to go to an ER. Another co pay. Wasted my time to take my money. They could have advised me when I told them why i was there. I recommend using any of the other urgent cares in queen creek. This one is pretty shady.

  • Posted on August 19, 2014 | Visited this location August 18, 2014
    Wait Time

    MA is a joke

    This is the second time my granddaughter has been there in the past week, last week there was only one person ahead of us and it took them over an hour to just get her in to triage and that was with the receptionist doing the triage. Today again my granddaughter had a sore throat, ear ache and runny nose. Sat again for over an hour while the same MA took 1 patient at a time back and when they were done they left and 15min later he came for the next person. This place is a joke and would advise anyone unless your willing to wait an hour or two or three this is the place for you. My granddaughter will never go there again.

  • Posted on August 25, 2015 | Visited this location August 23, 2015
    Wait Time

    Unprofessional staff- AVOID this Urgent Care

    My initial visit was fine on Sunday morning. I was advised I would receive a call the next day to advise me of my lab results. I never received a call, so I called them Monday afternoon. Anthony told me my sample was lost and I will need to come back in to leave another one. I asked if I could have a follow up with the dr due to the pain increasing. He stated that the health care provider said I need to be reevaluated(pay $75 again) because my symptoms have changed. My symptoms did not change, the pain has increased. As I was on my way back I called to advise them I would be there by 7:50 p.m. (10 minutes before they close) to leave a new sample. The woman who answered told me they are no longer seeing patients today. I told her my situation and asked if I could just leave a new sample. She put me on hold to ask the health care provider and then stated to me if I'm in pain I should go to the ER or just come back tomorrow. I told her the only reason I'm coming back is due to their error of losing my sample. She replied with attitude "With all do respect, I didn't lose it"......Class act.
    Be aware their concern is not the health of their patients, it's all about the dollar.

  • Posted on May 18, 2017 | Visited this location May 18, 2017
    Wait Time


    Horrible customer service! Anthony at the front desk didn't acknowledge me for almost an hour and checked in people that came in after me. Unless you want to be treated rudely and expect to be there a couple of hours - AVOID THIS URGENT CARE!

  • Posted on July 13, 2017 | Visited this location June 02, 2017
    Wait Time

    Worst Medical Service Ever Received, Basically Malpractice (Not Joking/Exaggerating)

    TLDR: Worst medical experience I've ever had, and malpractice as far as I'm concerned. I paid for an ingrown toenail extraction that wasn't actually extracted (confirmed by a podiatrist). I wouldn't ever, ever go back to this location, nor would I ever recommend anyone go here.

    The longer explanation/my experience:
    I went in to this Urgent Care location with an ingrown toenail. I had called before to check that they would/could do ingrown extractions. They confirmed that they could, no problem. I chose to go to an Urgent Care instead of a podiatrist because I thought they would be cheaper without insurance (I was wrong, come to find out).

    Some context: I've had 12-15 ingrown toenail extraction visits over the course of my life. My big toes are just weird. This was the first appointment I've needed in at least 8 years, though. Needless to say, I am very familiar with the extraction process and options (including the "permanent" acid treatments available to stop the toenail from growing in the corners).

    The new patient process and waiting time was fine/average. No issues there. The doctor was nice and friendly as well (Kyle something, don't remember his last name, but it was short, like 4 letters long). However, once we actually got to the procedure (numbing me up and then toenail extraction), the incompetence became apparent.

    First, the doctor tries to numb me with one shot on the bottom of my big toe. I'd never ever had less than 2 shots to numb my toe, because there are 4 nerves total (most podiatrists do two shots, two nerves each, I think). But, he's the doctor so whatever. Predictably, he returns after 5-10 minutes and I tell him I can still feel everything on my toe--literally everything, not numb at all. The only thing numb was the actual injection site on the bottom of the toe. He proceeds to give me 3 other shots (might have been 4, I can't remember). He hits a nerve or something and I uncontrollably yelled out a curse word very loudly, to my embarrassment; it was very painful. Wait 5-10 minutes, and this time the toe is half numb (ish). When I told him the left side was not numb (the right side was where the extraction was to be), he literally said "well we're not going to be over there", which is not how it works at all. Of course, when he started poking around to see if I could feel something on the ingrown side, I could. So, another 3 injections (yes, literally SEVEN injections of numbing agent--I counted the injection site markings after I got home) and another 5-10 minutes later, he finally comes back and we think the toe is completely numb. He pokes around and I don't feel anything, but I also wasn't looking at everywhere he was poking (he asked me to look away to avoid my brain falsifying sensitivity), so I wouldn't have known if he missed anywhere important.

    After 30-45 minutes of numbing the toe (not exaggerating), we finally start the procedure. Well, a bit into it, I start feeling some pain when he gets closer to cutting at the base of the nail. He apparently didn't check that part when he was prodding around. Although it was very unpleasant (which I said), it wasn't unbearable so he continued to finish the procedure. After that, we thought we were done. After my 1.5 hour long appointment, he gave me an antibiotic and we called it a day.

    Well, he apparently doesn't know how to extract an ingrown toenail. He didn't actually extract the ingrown nail; he only cut the part of the nail that was not ingrown. How do I know? The toe continued to hurt and stay infected, despite me treating it exactly as instructed (and exactly as I know from all the other times I've had this same thing done). When I called the office to ask what to do, they wanted to charge me for a return visit. I went to a podiatrist a couple weeks later since the problem was persisting, and the podiatrist literally told me "no one cut out the ingrown, there's like a half inch still in there". The podiatrist numbed me up in about 60 seconds with two expertly delivered shots, waited about 15 minutes for the toe to completely numb, and within 10 minutes, he'd extracted BOTH sides of the toe (the left side started to flair up a couple days before I went to the podiatrist) AND did a permanent acid treatment to attempt to kill the corner of the toenail so they wouldn't grow back. I was in and out of the podiatrist's office in less than 45 minutes, including new patient paperwork. It only cost me $150 for that podiatrist visit (remember, they did both sides of the toe + acid treatment). The visit to Urgent Care was $160, and then they wanted $90 for a return visit. I literally should have just gone to the podiatrist first. I mistakenly thought the Urgent Care would be cheaper without insurance.

    The level of incompetence by the Urgent Care doctor is outstanding. If it were just the numbing part and the toenail were actually extracted, I could live with that. I'm not particularly easy to numb (even for dentists). However, I paid $160 for NOTHING. Literally NOTHING except the pain of numbing and then not being completely numb during the failed procedure. Lots of wasted time also, plus ~$20 for an antibiotic that didn't do anything because the nail hadn't been taken out. The doctor didn't actually extract the ingrown at all, and the podiatrist completely confirmed that. I asked the podiatrist if it could have just grown back in the couple weeks it took between Urgent Care and podiatrist appointments, and he told me literally "not unless you have the fastest growing toenails in the history of man by a factor of 100x or so". He showed me the ingrown nail he'd extracted and it was at least half-inch long by conservative estimate (which is why it hurt so much and was such a problem). There's no way that it grew back like that; the Urgent Care doctor simply didn't do his job; he didn't do what I paid them to do. It's malpractice.

    At the very least, the Urgent Care doctor could/should have just straight up told me "look, you're probably going to get a better extraction with a podiatrist" or like "this is too complicated for me to comfortably do". I could have been okay with that. I went to get a consultation, and I'd pay a consultation fee for that, and be referred elsewhere. But he didn't say any of those things. When I called the office beforehand to ask if they could do extractions (explaining to them that it's infected and pretty deep), they confidently said they could do the procedure. When I was in the exam room and the doctor was looking at it, he was confident he would get it out. Neither of those things were true. It was a scam.

    Frankly, this Urgent Care should be calling me to offer a refund of the $160 I paid. If it were a biggest cost paid (i.e. worth the cost of an attorney), I would be seeking legal resolution to getting my money back.

    Please save yourself a lot of time, pain, and money. Do not ever go to this Urgent Care. In fact, I wouldn't trust the entire brand of Urgent Cares if this is their level of quality.